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    Masonry 2014

    M. Tate
    Published: 2014

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    Featuring 18 peer-reviewed papers that examine the past, present and future of masonry practices, test methods, materials, and standards, this publication offers you an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of masonry as well as insight into innovative approaches and materials for the future.

    Though masonry has a long history as a construction system, it is clear that it will continue to evolve and improve.

    The ASTM Masonry Symposia series, from which this collection is derived, has a rich history of providing information to improve the use of masonry materials and systems. Masonry 2014 continues this tradition with “seeds” to assist in the development of new masonry approaches. These seeds, along with those from the past, serve as stimulus for future creative work and improvements in masonry systems.

    Masonry 2014

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