MNL 60

    Physical Requirement Guidelines for Sensory Evaluation Laboratories: 2nd Edition

    Carla L. Kuesten; Lori Kruse
    Published: 2008

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    This new ASTM manual provides the latest guidelines for the sensory evaluation professionals who undertake the development of a new facility or remodeling of an existing laboratory.

    • Extensive listings of sources of materials, facility references, and books
    • Examples of blueprints, drawings, photos, and videos are linked throughout enabling the user to see what others have done through illustrations from actual laboratory facilities.

    While early applications of sensory evaluation techniques were directed primarily towards studies of foods, beverages, and packaging materials, the more current uses have expanded to include a broad range of consumer and industrial products such as fragrances, tobacco, chemicals, personal care and household items.

    Important to the success of any sensory evaluation program is the laboratory setting and environmental conditions in which these studies are conducted. If the appropriate controls are not employed, reduced sensitivity and/or biased results are the general outcomes.MNL60

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