ASTM Standards for Whole Building Functionality and Serviceability: 3rd Edition

    Improved and Expanded New Edition!

    Pages: 250

    Published: 0000-00-00

    Soft Cover

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    Get 32 of the latest ASTM standards for defining the functional requirements and rating the capabilities of a building or facility.

    Six sections cover:
    • Demand for and supply of serviceability of an office facility
    • Building floor area measurement for facility management
    • Seismic risk assessment of buildings, and probable maximum loss
    • Single family attached and detached dwellings
    • Energy evaluation and monitoring in buildings
    • Terminology of facility management (building-related)

    New standards to this edition cover:
    • Evaluating economic performance of alternative designs, systems, and materials
    • Evaluating durability, indoor air quality, and functionality of single family attached and detached dwellings
    • Thermal environment and indoor air conditions of an office facility
    • Probable Maximum Loss (PML) evaluations for earthquake due-diligence assessments
    • And much more!

    This new edition is a valuable resource for building occupants; facility managers; corporate real estate executives; business unit senior managers; federal, state, and local government agencies; professional and trade associations; design professionals and consulting firms, and universities.

    ASTM Standards for Whole Building Functionality and Serviceability: 3rd Edition

    ISBN13: 978-0-8031-8006-2

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