ASTM Standards for Managing Climate Change and Greenhouse Gases


    Published: 2011

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    This exclusive new ASTM publication provides five documents that give all industries a more general guideline for monitoring and reporting GHG emissions:
    • New! E2718 Guide for Disclosing Climate Change Liabilities
    • New! E2725 A Basic Assessment and Management of Greenhouse Gases
    • E2137 Estimating Monetary Costs & Liabilities for Environmental Matters
    • E2173 Guide for Disclosure of Environmental Liabilities
    • Plus a FREE copy of the SEC Guidance document

    These standards cover:
    • Basic management strategies that focuses on business risk and cost-effective solutions in response to greenhouse gases and related issues
    • Institutional (legal) and engineering (physical) controls for GHG reductions, impacts, and adaptations
    • Options for climate change-related disclosures accompanying audited and unaudited financial statements
    • .Consistent and comprehensive disclosure of material financial liabilities or exposures attributed to climate change
    • Conditions warranting disclosure and the content of appropriate disclosure.
    • And much more!

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