Adjunct to D1250-04 Temperature and Pressure Volume Correction Factors for Generalized Crude Oils, Refined Products, and Lubricating Oils

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    This collection of volume-correction-factor and related tables is used worldwide in custody transfer and accounting operations to adjust bulk volumes of crude oil and products measured at temperatures other than base temperature ( 60° F or 15° C) to the base temperature. The tables, which have been approved by ASTM, the American Petroleum Institute, and the Institute of Petroleum (United Kingdom), supersede all previous editions of ANSI/ASTM D 1250, IP 200, and API 2540 and have been adopted as an international standard by the International Organization for Standardization.

    The 3 sets of previously published tables were in terms of API gravity (Tables 5 & 6), specific gravity (Tables 23 & 24 ), and density in kg/m3 (Tables 53 & 54 ). Tables 23 & 24 are now in relative density units. For accuracy and convenience, 2 or 3 separate tables replace each previous table. For example, Table 6 has been superseded by 6A, Generalized Crude Oils; 6B, Generalized Products; and 6C, Volume Correction Factors for Individual and Special Applications.

    Volume X contains computer subroutine listings, example problems, and instructions necessary to use the computer subroutines. Use of this volume with a computer subroutine is a major conceptual departure from previous versions of the tables and recognizes the increasing use of computers to calculate volume correction in the petroleum industry. The actual standard is neither the printed tables nor the set of equations used to represent the density data, but is an explicit implementation procedure used to develop computer subroutines. Strict adherence to the procedures will ensure that all computers and computer codes of the future will produce identical results.

    All of the Petroleum Measurement Tables in printed format from 1980 are historical documents. The 2004 edition of D1250-04 is effective on the date of publication, and supersedes the previous (1980)* edition of the standard, and supersedes 11.2.1 and 11.2.1M. *Please note: The 1980 version has not been withdrawn, but superseded. The 1980 standard should not be utilized in new applications. The aforementioned 2004 version should be utilized in all new applications. The most updated versions of the calculations that appear in these printed tables can be purchased in two separate products. Please review ADJD1250-E-PDF and ADJD1250CD2.

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