Adjunct to D1250-04 Temperature and Pressure Volume Correction Factors for Generalized Crude Oils, Refined Products, and Lubricating Oils + Active Standard

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    This unique CD-ROM is an electronic version of the adjunct to ASTM D1250-04 Standard Guide for Use of the Petroleum Measurement Tables; Chapter 11.1 of API's Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards; and adjunct to IP 200/04 Petroleum Measurement Tables.

    It calculates the combined volume correction factor due to temperature and pressure, CTPL, using the required implementation procedures. Therefore, it provides the functional equivalent of all twelve volumes of the printed petroleum measurement tables and gives you the most accurate and up-to-date computations available. With this adjunct, users will be able to calculate the CTPL for their specific measurements conditions, and to print tables for their range of interest, which usually will be of a limited temperture and pressure range.

    Approved by ASTM International, the American Petroleum Institute, and the Energy Institute, this unique CD-ROM generates volume-correction-factors (VCF) based upon petroleum product type, API gravity or density, and temperature. The tables generated from the official implementation procedures, are used worldwide in custody transfer and accounting operations to adjust bulk volumes of crude oil and products measured at temperatures other than base temperature (60° F or 15° C) to the base temperature. Base temperature can also be modified for situations where base temperatures are not 60° F or 15° C.

    Because of the expanded temperature ranges, a 325-page table from 1980 would be over 11,000 pages today. The combinations and permutations of possible output make it impractical to publish and stock printed tables is. With this CD-ROM, users will be able to print tables for their range of interest, which usually will be of a limited temperature and pressure range.

    Includes FREE copy of ASTM D 1250 Standard Guide for Petroleum Measurement Tables

    New Features:
    • Expands output to five decimal places:
    • Performs computations:
    • Compensates for pressure (as an optional component of VCF) :
    • Expands temperature range:
    • Prints tables by their range of interest:
    • Provides functional equivalent of all 12 volumes of the printed tables

    System Requirements: PDF Files--To view or print the PDF files you will need Adobe Acrobat© Reader© (free download at

    VCF Software: To use the utility program for calculations, you will need a computer operating system that supports a Java© enabled web browser. No internet access is needed. The utility program is compatible with Microsoft Windows© 98 and above, Mac OS© X, UNIX©, and LINUX©

    ASTM does not support networking for this product.

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